June 18, 2012

Blue: without skies or oceans

The beach of Melbourne was covered with these blue jellyfish.

The Franz Josef Glacier in Southern New Zealand.

Coming in for a landing in Queenstown, New Zealand

Just another mosaic art piece in Barcelona, Spain.

The tourist mecca in San Francsico, USA

May 12, 2012

Is Green the Most Beautiful Colour?

The doors on the bus go open and... open, all through Bangkok.

The river I walked along to get between my hostel and Prague's city centre.

Along a walking path linking villages in the Austrian Alps, I found a mini Labyrinth.

Lombard Street of San Francisco is the most crooked street in the world.

I felt like I'd stepped into English Literature on the rolling hills along the border with Wales.

A section of Gaudi's mosaic bench in Park G├╝ell, Barcelona.